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Canada is a participant of the Industry of Globally Organized Racism and Genocide (IGORG), distinguished with systematic elimination the Rule of Law, and replacing it with arbitrarity for reaching the objecives - pursuing racism and genocide / democide of unwnated native nations anywhere on the globe and de-facto colonizing the victims' lands, and transfering the victims' property/wealth to the perpetrators. Canada's state power can be described as a Military-Political and Criminally-Commercial system, managed from abroad and it brings Canada to destruction and Canadians to the slavery to Global Nazism / Global Fascism. The MATRIX of Seven Legal Systems, employed by the state powers in Canada, enables the Nazi/fascist-style mass killing of native people in Canada and abroad. The ineterst behind is the same as Hitler's in 1940-1945, it's criminally commertial: "murder and grab the property", and the methods are military-poitical.

In 25 pre-trial proceedings the courts :

(1) refused to order  Aletkina's mental health accessment by forensic psychologist - assessment of past / current capacity under Rule 7, and sec. 105 of the CJA,

(2) refused to determine who pays for it as Aletkina absolutey lacks own funds as living from OSDP allowance;

IMPORTANT: Forensic assessment of mentally ill self-represented litigants in civil actions is not accessible without court's order and directions -The judges denied integrity of judicial process to Aletkina by refusing to order forensic assessment of he past and current capacity t be self-represented in a complex legal case that involve Charter rights and Statutes' violation by the state powers. The judges/courts' administration contravened Acts of Parliament, committed criminal offences against administration of law and justice - MERGER of three state powers and corporations creates a FASCIST environment to benefit elite only and victimize / execute innocent mentally ill self-represented plaintiff, the expert witness of the MERGER's crimes

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This site is dedicated to backing up: (1) the Canadian Public Petition "Judge the Judges - Canada"; and (2) the Complaint to several UN bodies. It contains the materials of Aletkna's three Applications for Leave to Appeal - Supreme Court of Canada Files 36521, 36871, New (un-numbered) Application (from amended orders of Laskin, van Rensburg, Brown and of Huscroft JJ., both were unawfully issued with fabricated "issued dated" of November 4, 2015, while the de-facto issued date was February 12, 2016)

SCC Judges Thomas Albert Cromwell, Rosalie Silberman Abella, Andromache Karakatsanis, Russell Brown, Clement Gascon, Alexandra Hoy (ACJO), Jean L. MacFarland, Peter D. Lauwers, Lois B. Roberts; John I. Laskin, Katherine van Rensburg, David M. Brown; Grant Huscroft; Eleanore A. Cronk; David L. Corbett ; Alison Harvison Young, master Barbara McAfee, master Joan M. Haberman, MPP Sophie Kiwala, ONCA Registrar Sandra Theroulde, ONCA ex-Senior Legal Officer John Kromkamp, ONCA current Senior Legal Officer Alison Warner, ONCA Special Counsel – Office of Chief Justice of Ontario Jascob Bakan, SCC Registrar Roger Bilodeau, SCC Case Analyst Francois Desrosiers, Law Help Ontario – Litigation Coordinator Mathew Hogan, CanLII Manager, Content and Partnerships - Sarah Sutherland; Lawyers BLG LLP Melanie Warner, Kate Dearden, Stephanie Young ACTED TO CONTRAVENE Acts of Parliament, committed criminal offences against administration of justice, acted a criminal group to eliminate Rule of Law, Charter, Covenant.

Their decisions/actions prove so called "friendly fascism" (Bertram Gross), or, as Aletkina called it, MERGER of the state powers with corporations, that de-facto set a fascist environment where civil society is managed in the interest only of the elites, not in the interest of the Laws, citizens, humans, people of Canada. The number of Statutes and the law cases, contravened by then exceeds 20! The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada refused to interfere; the Canadian Judicial Council refused to deal with them as a 'criminal organization' and said it requires separate complaints on each involved judge. The Ontario Attorney General instructed to bring allegations of criminal offences of all listed above to the RCMP. RCMP said they will not investigate the judges, although I set an issue of criminal organization, composed by the judger, legal officers, registrars, politicians, government...The hospitals, the doctors, the healthcare industry as a whole, operating within a MERGER, jointly with the 'judges and corporations' deny care, deny diagnosing, treating, and commit physical violence against ill person.

INVOLVED are: Sec. 105, 106, 107, 121, 137.1 of the Courts of Justice Act, Rule 7 of the Rules of Civil Procedure, Limitations Act – sec. 7,that have been contravened by the judges in a highly coordinated manner, indicating that the case is political, aiming destruction of Aletkina's life.

Criminal Code: Sec. 46, 79, 80, 81, 83.14, full Part IV – Offences against the administration of Law and Justice, incl. 126, 128, 131, 132, 134, 137, 138, 139, 141, 181, 217, 218, 219, 221, 224, 229, 231, 239, 672, and sec. 46 in respect to Canada’s criminal activity abroad violating international laws [and genocide of native population in foreign lands]

Charter of Rights and Freedoms - sec. 7, 15, 24, Freedom of Information Act, Disabilities Act, Judges Act (sec. 3), etc.

International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, UN Convention on Rights of Persons with Disabilities, etc.and other international laws.

​The materials, that are presented and will be added to this site, PROVE that the Supreme Court of Canada is a center force of the MILITARY-POLITICAL & CRIMINALLY-COMMERCIAL SYSTEM, permitting, accommodating, coordinating, legalizing, conducting the acts of terrorism, mass murders, genocides, execution of witnesses and extortion of the funds and properties of the victims and witnesses, domestically in Canada, and globally.

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ATTENTION: The site is under construction, all pages subject to modification during November 2016