Currently, we ask the public for donation of $100 that we have to pay the programmer for programming and setting up the Survey of Public Opinion on whethere or ot the issues that Nadejda Aletkina set in her three SCC applications and in the Reconsideration Motions and which are relevant to legal cases of all memberts of Group of Four, have public interest and Constitutional/Charter challenges. The survey will expose the SCC Regisrar's and the SCC judges criminal offences - acting contrary to their public mandates and contrary to the Rule of Law.

Next, by mid- January we have a need for $300-400, for mailing costs, to mail documents, thick volumes, to four UN commissions, and to the Parliament of Canada, with Petitions.

Judge the Judges collects donations to support Nadejda Aletkina's efforts to bring the 'criminal organization', formed by the "justice system participants", to JUSTICE, based on part IV of the Criminal Code of Canada.