This Motion Record for the Motion for Reconsideration of the SCC decisions on Aletkina'a three Applications for leave to Appeal, Application File 36521, 36871 and New Application (un-numbered, filed tilemy on April 15, 2016). All three were unlawfully dismissed.

The Motion Record contains The Notice of Reconsideration Motion, Affidavit of Nadejda Aletkina, the Exhibits, and the Argument.

When the pdf file of the Motion Record is open, make sure to click on the small icon on the top left of the file ("Toggle Sidebar", then click on the second icin that appeared called "Show documetn outline". It will display the document outline by the bookmarks, to allow easy navigation.

ARI Docs Viewer: 'http://judgethejudges-canada.ca/36871_MotRec_for_Reconsideration_with_exhibits_1-9_with_Amended_Argument' file doesn't exist. Check that the correct path to the file is specified. The path is a case sensitive.

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